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Dealer Analysts strengths are being able to consult dealerships in revamping or starting a new Internet Fleet department by evaluating training and instituting a road map to success from a third party view. With over 80% of your customers shopping online before ever stepping foot on a dealership...more

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Dealer Analysts has a working knowledge of the retail-end of sales, in the automotive industry, especially in the Internet Fleet arena over the last 15 years.




I have worked and known Ian Woerth for many years in the Auto Industry. He is extremely knowledgeable on the internet fleet sales, and he will guide you in the right direction for you to grow your business without spending thousands of dollars on SEO and SEM programs that turn a low ROI. If you are looking to spend less and get a larger return on your internet advertising, have Ian analyze your Internet Fleet Department. He will increase your sales and get your marketing budget back in line.


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With over 80% of your customers shopping online before ever stepping foot on a dealership, the Internet is now your first impression. And this is the battleground where the real competition takes place.


So, how do you compete in your market? Get a third party view of your auto groups' full potential and find more business without increasing your advertising budget.


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